The call (open rp)

Harley was sitting at the table in her own hideout. She had moved away from the joker for a while now since he left and never returned. Drinking a pink cocktail that tasted like strawberry she read a book about training dogs. Hopefully hyenas would be the same. Suddenly the phone rang its shrilling call, and she lifted herself up of her plush red seat and walked over to it. “Hullo? Miss. Quinn speaking.” She answered. The other side of the phone didn’t answer at first. “Uh, who’s this?”

harleyquinn4joker asked:

"Ah tha famous Mr. Deadpool!" Harley stuck her tongue out slightly and narrowed her eyes. "I've heard a lot about ya... but what can ya really do?" She tilted her head and dragged her mallet behind her as she walked in a circle around him.

goddamndeadpool answered:

"If this is you building up to hit me with that mallet you have another thing coming.. I’m fast and armed."

"Oh please, I’ve already had my fill of bashing heads today." She lets go of the the mallets handle and lets it drop to the floor with a thud then pouts at him "I just wanna play with ya. As if lil ol’ me would hurt ya, big red." Harley starts prodding at his body, picking up his arm and letting it fall. After she’s done assessing she bends over to check out his legs and feet. "Ya look like ya could bust open a watermelon with those thighs."